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Amazing truth on Xorra Body Lotion:
πŸ’– It is fused with OZONATED OLIVE OIL.
πŸ’– Vitamins E and A in the olive oil have an intense antioxidant action and have the ability to prevent irritation and aging of the skin, to help maintain its softness, smoothness, stability, and elasticity.
πŸ’– Olive Oil when combined with Ozone, is an amazing SUPER LOTION that multiplies the superb properties of the healing Olive Oil.
πŸ’– Long lasting fragrances which also come in 3 similar aromas like our lovely, XORRA PERFUMED BODY WASH.
πŸ’– Easily absorbed & doesn’t feel sticky.
πŸ’– Pair it with the Xorra Body Wash for the LOVE DUO SET.